International Success for our cheeses


Natural, healthy and authentic pure enjoyment: this is what our customers love about our cheese specialties. In order to ensure the excellent quality and aromatic flavor, the untreated milk is processed in the local cheese dairy immediately after milking without long transport routes. Thanks to the artisanal production according to the traditional recipe without the use of artificial additives, we guarantee naturalness and originality. The result is our unadulterated cheese, influenced by the local nature, completed during the maturation in our cellars.

Our customers taste this with every bite. Our exclusive art of cheesemaking is convincing around the world, as the World Cheese Awards showed once again in November. Our fruity and tangy Lustenberger 1862 won a bronze award. Other specialty cheeses were awarded from our company Lustenberger + Dürst:

  • Jura Montagne LeSUPERBE: Gold Award
  • Sbrinz AOP, aged for 30 months: Silver Award
  • Saint Christoph LeSUPERBE: Bronze Award
  • Château Heitenried LeSUPERBE: Bronze Award
  • St. Jost LeSUPERBE: Bronze Award
  • Emmentaler AOP Antique: Bronze Award

World Cheese Awards 2014 took place from 13-15 November in Gillingham, UK and included around 2,600 applications. The specialty cheeses were judged by 250 experts from around the world.

Would you like to try our award-winning specialties? Take a look in our culinary kitchen in Langrüti at Hünenberg See (open on each Friday afternoon as well as Saturday morning)!