Cheese on the road to success

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Natural, healthy and authentic pure enjoyment. This is what our customers love about our cheese specialties. In order to ensure the excellent quality and aromatic flavor, the untreated milk is processed in the local cheese dairy immediately after milking without long transport routes. Thanks to the artisanal production according to the traditional recipe without the use of artificial additives, we guarantee naturalness and originality. The result is our unadulterated cheese, influenced by the local nature, completed during the maturation in our cellars.

Our specialties are now widely available in Rewe stores in Germany. This is another important success of this year, after many of our products had received several of the best awards at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, UK as well as at the quality competition of the German Agricultural Society (DLG). Rewe has added our cheeses "Lustenberger 1862 aromatic-savory," "Fior delle Alpi," "Jura Montagne" and "Saint Christoph" to the product range.

The Fior delle Alpi tastes spicy and aged with fine salt crystals that melt in your mouth. It smells like grandmother's boiled milk. Intense flavor with hazelnut-like notes and a slightly sweet finish. The hard cheese from Swiss mountain milk ages for at least 10 months. Awards:

  • Two gold awards and one silver award as well as the coveted "Best Raw Milk Cheese" trophy at the International Cheese Awards
  • Gold at the DLG Quality Competition

The Jura Montagne has a wild spicy flavor characterized by the pristine nature of the Jura Mountains. Natural smell that is reminiscent of citrus fruits. On the palate, sweet flavors of almonds and vanilla unfold, accompanied by a pleasant acidic balance. The semi-hard cheese from Swiss mountain milk ages for at least ten months. Awards:

  • "Best Hard Cheese Specialty“ and a golden award at the International Cheese Awards

The Lustenberger 1862 aromatic-savory is floral on the nose, full-bodied on the palate and delicate on the tongue. On the palate, slight notes of caramel unfold, which make you want more. The slightly spicy finish is accompanied by a milky note. The semi-hard cheese from Swiss valley milk is aged for about three months.Awards:

  • Silver at the DLG Quality Competition

Saint Christoph: Plein de soleil (full sun). Soft, creamy, delicate and seductive with spicy fresh notes of nutmeg, crème fraîche or yogurt. The creamy soft cheese with a red rind ages for three to four weeks. Awards:

  • Gold at the International Cheese Awards
  • Silver at the quality competition of the DLG

The international competition in Nantwich is one of the largest, most prestigious and most traditional cheese events in the world. In 2014, the awards were more contested than ever with a record number of participants totaling 4,443 submitted types of cheeses from 26 countries.

Every year, the DLG tests around 30,000 products from various food sectors in scientific examinations. In this way, consumers receive neutral and independent results regarding the quality of food.