Awards for our cheese at the DLG

Dlg 2014 gold und silber

Our cheese specialties were again awarded with excellent results at this year's quality tests of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) 2014. Our Lustenberger 1862 fruity-tangy as well as our Lustenberger 1862 aromatic-savory both won a silver award. We are delighted about this latest success and that our constant efforts to achieve the best cheese quality are so successful.

Our secrets: Pure, untreated raw milk from cows that are only fed with lush grass, fresh herbs or hay and enjoy free passage regularly, old family recipes and cheesemaking according to original artisanry without the addition of artificial additives as well as traditional aging where the cheese receives a lot of time and space to develop its excellent flavor. Because that is ultimately what matters: Flawless flavor with lots of character.

Even more of our cheese specialties were able to enjoy an award:

  • Golden award: Fior delle Alpi LeSUPERBE: Spicy and aged with fine salt crystals that melt in your mouth. It smells like grandmother's boiled milk. Intense flavor with hazelnut-like notes and a slightly sweet finish. Aged for 10 months.
  • Golden award: Sbrinz AOP: A crumbly extra-hard cheese full of fruit, spice and flavor complexity. The longer the maturation time, the more aromatic and spicier its bouquet develops. Wonderful to enjoy as cheese pieces, shaved rolls or grated cheese. Aged for 24 months.
  • Golden award: Gruyère AOP Antique: The complex flavor unfolds gradually, beginning with fruit aromas and aromatic-spicy in the aftertaste. You can really taste the meticulous care of the cheesemaker in the family cellar. Aged for 12 months.
  • Silver award: Saint Christoph LeSUPERBE: Plein de soleil (full sun). Saint Christoph, soft, creamy and delicately melting with spicy fresh notes of nutmeg, crème fraîche or yogurt.